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After using the platform to trade futures for 14 months or so, we found that CMC Markets is best suited not only to active traders, but newer and less skilled traders, too. Although high U.S index CFD spreads are charged, and no social/copy trading platform is provided which is a downside for those looking to learn from more advanced traders or even share your own ideas. It has also experienced an enormous impact from COVID-19 as financial markets have witnessed abnormal volatility. It is possible to lose more money than you invested in your account. Investors should not use money they can’t afford to lose, especially if they do not know what they are doing. Like any other kind of trading, futures are appropriate for investors who really know what they’re doing.

EdgeClear received a 1 point edge over Optimus for commissions, even though they are both very similar now. When EdgeClear entered the market a few years back they were very aggressive on their pricing, which eventually pushed others to follow suit. IB’s platform is is dated and they’re not a leader in education, so if that’s what you’re looking for there’s probably better options. We’ve crunched the numbers… without further ado here’s how we rank the best future brokers for 2023.

Futures trading services personalized and aligned with your goals.

NinjaTrader delivers integrated multi-device trading using a powerful modern cloud-based technology designed for active futures traders. Exness offers the MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and MT Mobile forex trading top platforms. offers over 50 currency pairs for your personal investment and trading options. For a sophisticated futures platform,TradeStation offers some of the best prices around.

  • The most traded ones are precious metals and energies, which are offered by all top commodity brokers.
  • It was expected that more retail brokers would merge after the whole brokerage industry got disrupted when all retail brokers announced commission free trading.
  • The book provides a precise topic analysis without using calculus or complex figures.
  • It is essential to ensure that the platform you choose offers robust educational content.
  • References to securities trading are made on behalf of the BD Division of SFI and are intended only for an audience of institutional clients as defined by FINRA Rule 4512.

Bailey Schramm is a writer based out of Jackson Hole, WY, primarily covering topics and trends in financial services, business, and the blockchain. With a background covering stock market developments for a major FinTech company, she now provides SEO and content strategy services to financial service companies and tech startups. Although you need to accept losses on some days, big wins should be more of a focus on key days. You will need to have a lot of money to start with when day trading—it is required by law that you have at least $25,000 on your brokerage account as a day trader in the U.S. Traders generally speculate by short-selling which means to sell an asset before buying it, forward or futures contracts, swaps, or a mixture. On the other hand, a trader who wants to protect itself from falling prices may short-sell a futures contract so that it can buy it back at a lower price later.

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Make sure you’ve chosen a UK futures broker with a stable trading experience via a reliable and well-optimised UI. You can also take advantage of the advanced futures trading tools that allow you to trade directly from the charts. Also, the 24-hour expert advice helpline allows beginners to get the help they need to overcome trading challenges. One of the most common questions that we receive at TradeStation is “Is futures trading a good idea? ” This question is asked by new traders, experienced traders, and even those who have been trading for decades.

Also, the value of the you want to buy might decrease in price at a future trade, so you’ll be losing money. Saxo Markets is a top-tier commodity futures trading platform with exposure to 300+ futures from 28 global exchanges. The type of commodities you can trade with Saxo Markets includes energy, metals, and agriculture.

The costs are typically in the $0.10-$0.25 / trade and contract range. The account minimum for standard futures is $2,000, while the Micro E-Mini accounts can be opened with $250. The day trading margin starts at $50 for the Micro E-Mini and $500 for the standard futures. Optimus Futures is specialized in providing the best possible service to its traders. The inhouse platform Optimus Flow is innovative and free for all clients. Their customer service is available by phone, email, and live chat 24 hours per day and seven days per week.

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All additional trading costs you incur are simply pass-through fees and apply to all traders. Futures are derivative financial contracts that obligate the parties to transact an asset at a predetermined future date and price. FBS is a leading Forex broker offering trading opportunities in a wide range of financial instruments that includes multi-market Forex, metals, CFDs, and more.

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Individual investors and traders most commonly use futures as a way to speculate on the future price movement of the underlying asset. They seek to profit by expressing their opinion about where the market may be headed for a certain commodity, index, or financial product. Some investors also use futures as a hedge, typically to help offset future market moves in a particular commodity that might otherwise impact their portfolio or business. Hence, in our quest to find the best futures for day trading, we have picked the top 10 futures contracts by trading volume listed on the exchanges under the CME Group. Traders who bought the idea are wondering which market offers the best futures for day trading.

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Futures contracts are traded in commodity markets like gold and oil, but they can be used for almost any investment product. Morad Askar, a.k.a. FuturesTrader71, is not only the founder but a trader as well. Having been a professional trader for years, Morad has a unique insight of what professional traders really want… low commissions and great trading platforms. EdgeClear white labels MotiveWave, which we believe to one of the best charting softwares on the market today. These contracts are standardized to enable trading on the trading platform. NinjaTraders offer an extensive array of technical analysis tools.

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The COT reports are based on position data supplied by reporting firms . CFTC staff does not know specific reasons for traders’ positions and hence this information does not factor in determining trader classifications. Note that traders are able to report business purpose by commodity and, therefore, can have different classifications in the COT reports for different commodities. For one of the reports, Traders in Financial Futures, traders are classified in the same category for all commodities. Traders also have countless online resources to locate the best commodity brokers for their requirements. Our above list includes a few leading brokers offering commodity trading to clients with competitive trading conditions.

These contracts are standardized so that they may be traded easily and liquidly by anyone who holds them outright, or who has possession of them but does not own them until settlement occurs at expiration . This allows you to take advantage of small price movements in the underlying asset without taking too much risk. You can create trading accounts with just one click and get started with your trading right away.

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Click here for a full list of our partners and an in-depth explanation on how we get paid. Futures are agreements to sell a fixed amount of an asset at a specific date in the future — instead of buying a commodity, currency, or other asset at today’s market price. Interactive Brokers caters to high-volume traders and is the cheapest way to trade futures on our list.

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The most important factor for best commodity brokers traders will be execution costs. While each exchange has its own trade fee structure, your broker will attach a commission for placing the trade as well. Commission rates for regular futures and futures options range from $0.25 to $0.85 per futures contract. In addition, they don’t charge any maintenance or inactivity fees and offer free access to the Generic Trader Online platform.

Suppose you like to combine the benefit of a powerful futures trading platform for accurate and fast execution with the benefit of a well-educated customer service specialized in futures trading. In that case, an introducing broker like Optimus Futures is the right choice. This allows you to try out your trading strategies and to make your first risk free steps with the trading platform.

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